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Professional, stylish beer pong table with signature design from Hydro74 with aluminum frame. 

You are about to experience beer pong on a professional level—the official table of The World Series of Beer Pong.® The BPONG® Table includes six BPONG® Game Balls to start your game out right. Two handles make transportation simple, and the beer pong table sections have a small latch to keep the table in briefcase form throughout transit. Recognized as the one and only Table of Champions™ by beer pong players around the world, the BPONG® Table is the only way the pro’s play. Game on!

This is the Official Table of The World Series of Beer Pong

Vital Stats and Dimensions of this Beer Pong Table
-Built of sturdy aluminum
-8 feet long – 2 feet wide – about 27.5 inches tall when setup
-Folds down into a portable 2 feet x 2 feet x 5 inches
-Weighs in at 21 pounds
*Cups and rack are not included

BPONG WSOBP Official Beer Pong Table -Hydro74-

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