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The BPONG Rack Kit – Beer Pong Essentials Kit includes the following: – 2 BPONG™ Racks (allow for 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 reformations) – 2 BPONG™ Beer Pong Balls 3-Star, Tournament Grade, Seamless 40 mm white beer pong balls. These beer pong balls are the official beer pong balls of The World Series of Beer Pong – 22 BPONG™ Beer Pong Cups – Regulation Size Cups Compatible with Official BPONG™ Racks These beer pong cups constitute the only beer pong cups you will see at The World Series of Beer Pong. Each beer pong cup is a 16 oz. cup specifically designed for your beer pong pleasure. Dimensions Top Width: 3-5/8″ Height: 4-5/8″ Bottom Width: 2-1/4″ It’s not easy to get the top! It takes dedication and practice! Want to win $50,000 in the World Championship of Beer Pong? You’ll need the essentials to have a true shot at victory! - See more at:

BPONG WSOBP Official Beer Pong Rack Kit

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