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Dear Beer Pong Players,

At AOP we value the highest degree of honesty and sportsmanship. Please respect fellow competitors and players as you would in person. We do not tolerate any form of unfair play, disrespecting of other players, or any other similar (which include threatening, blatant insulting, or blackmailing).

If AOP finds that you are conducting any of the following, we reserve the right to immediate ban players without further warning.

Players who participate in any our events are assumed to accept our sportsmanship terms prior to engaging in any events hosted by AOP.

we take unfair sportsmanship very seriously. If any previous organizer has any evidence of any sort that any player has deemed to be cheating or has cheated before, it will result in an immediate ban. Players will be allowed to send or notify us at One World One Pong or is suspicious of any players doing or has the intention of giving them an unfair advantage.


What is AOP??

Asia-Online-Pong (AOP) is an online pong competition organized by One World One Pong.
This competition was initially created to help introduce Beerpong players in Asia.
One World One Pong also gives players in Asia a chance to play with other players within the region.

The new AOP format allows all beerpong players around the world to play and experience our competition without the needs of traveling and extra cost.

Our dream is to make AOP as a reputable platform for player to play cross continent tournament.

So what are you waiting for? Let's join the next tournament!

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